Capture the taste of the Caribbean at Tropical Star. Our menu brings you authentic recipes from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central and South America. We use only the finest ingredients and prepare each meal with love. Many of the special food and seasonings we use are imported from the Caribbean, Central and South America. It is our special preparation and cooking style that creates the distinctive taste we know you'll enjoy. Because many of our ingredients are unavailable elsewhere, we offer them to you in our specialty market for your own ethnic creations at home. Hay Bendito!!

NOTE: Prices are subject to change

Dine In / Take Out / Catering

6163 Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA 92111

Balboa Crest Shopping Mall (between Burger King and IHOP)

(858) 874-STAR (7827)

Monday to Saturday:
Kitchen in 11am - 7:00pm
Market 11am - 7:30pm